So it’s obviously good times for everyone that has access to HBO! Season 2 of True Blood will be airing tomorrow night – Sunday the 14th of June at 9:00 pm (21:00)/11:00 pm (23:00). If  anybody wants to follow or even download the countdown widget, it can be accessed here (along with other information about the show): Ratings are expected to be very high for the seasons premiere which is a good sign for eventual seasons to come. 

HBO – trailer.

The episode airing tomorrow night is entitled ‘Nothing but the Blood’ and Alexander Skarsgård’s role is as known by most that of vampire Eric Northman.



Denmark’s TV 2 will be airing episode 1 entitled ‘Get Some’ of Generation Kill tonight at 2:45 am (Danish time, obviously), so if anybody with that channel hasn’t seen it yet.. You know what you will be doing at that time tonight. It is honestly one of the best shows ever made! Do. not. miss. it!

See “a” trailer here—

(And, ah yes, at 0:33 the smile is deadly, lol.)

Also, if you live in Sweden, the Generation Kill dvd box can be ordered or pre-ordered (if you want the cheaper one!) at – I am currently investigating good sources to access Skarsgård’s Swedish movies etc if you happen to not live in Sweden, but most of the Swedish providers only take orders from Scandinavia. :/

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It seems like Swedish media still hasn’t let go off Alexander Skarsgårds role in Lady Gaga’s new Paparazzi video. This time it was Metro Skåne – 20090605, that had this to say about it:

“It’s visual pornography. It’s Brilliant!”

Perez Hilton writes on his blog about Lady Gaga’s new music video “Paparazzi” by Jonas Åkerlund.
In it she makes-out with Hollywoods new darling Alexander Skarsgård. (end quote)

I know I’ve already brought this up a couple of days ago, but it still annoys me. There are so many positive things that could be written about Alexander Skarsgård’s work and the focus on vulgarity is just idiotic.

US Poster ft. Alexander Skarsgård with the airtime for season 2 premiere on HBO:

alexander skarsgård trueblood s2

Well, finally!  Swedish Television will be airing the first season of True Blood sometime in the late summer months or early fall. Yeah, they’re current like that. I’m sure they will stick it in one of those wonderful time slots as well – like 1 a.m. Wednesday nigts. Canal +(plys) will be airing season two this fall. I’ll put up more specific times when either SVT or Canal + decides to post them.

The  Swedish Canal + website for True Blood can be found here:

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First it was, then it wasn’t, now it is again.

Scenes for the movie Puss will be filmed on Gotland for four weeks in the middle of August this year. The particular scenes in Gotland were originally scheduled to be filmed in 2008 but got delayed when director Johan Kling (Darling) decided to push the project up, at the time, indefinitely. It is unclear if Skarsgård is in any of the scenes that will be shot on Gotland, but the rescheduling of Kustateljén was reported in April and is probably unlikely to change again. Mainly because it will be demolished by the end of the year. Other scenes for the movie have been filmed during the spring, and the film will be distributed by Nordisk Film AB in Europe probably some time during 2010.

Quick facts: The original title of the movie was Trust Me, but it was later changed to Puss which means ‘Kiss’ in Swedish. It will star Alexander Skarsgård and his younger brother Gustaf Skarsgård in the same film together since: well, ever. It’s going to be interesting to see the dynamic between them on screen (if they even have any scenes together, hmm). Their characters have been described as perplexingly different from eachother which probably fits the style of film director Johan Kling wants to create very well. (I am kind of sad that he’s playing another 08-bastard though.) It’s an ensamble cast (which basically means that every actor has a part of equal or similar importance) of ten actors, and it’s set to take place during the course of 48H. The entire movie, however, will according to SFI (Swedish Film Institute) only last 150 minutes, and for the mathematician genious’ out there that means a ratio of 15 minutes of dominant screen time of  Alexander. (Ha ha, that last part was totally unecessary, but I have to amuse myself. That’s just the way it is.) The movies main storyline is supposed to be about a group of women running a theatre and their relationships with the men in their lives. It has recieved a contribution of 7 million SEK (swedish currency) from SFI.


It seems that over the past few days all Swedish media has to write about Alexander Skarsgård is how he puts his kissing skills to use in the new Lady Gaga video entitled Paparazzi. I’m sure that for some people this is constructive use of the ever expanding www, but I’m seriously wondering why an actor of his caliber is even written about in terms like: “Skarsgård makes-out with Lady Gaga”; “Skarsgård has hot scen in new video”; or the oh-so-nice ” Here, Alexander Skarsgård makes-out with Lady Gaga …calls her a  ‘f@(king c&nt’  in Jonas Åkerlund’s video”; etc.  Sensational. (sarcasm) Perhaps it is sensational that they can make all their headlines sound like they were written by Magnus Betnér, but I’ve never seen headlines like these about other legitimate Swedish actors (in this context).

 Now, with all the idiotic media coverage in regards to the Paparazzi video I’m wondering why Swedish media always seem to get stuck on his “sex appeal” and continuously try to make him out to be a mini-fertility-deity. The fact is that Alexander Skarsgård is a really great actor who produces qualitative work. Maybe I’m just not understanding the sexual obsession surrounding him, but I’m thinking that any actor, especially a good one like Alexander, would rather be recognized for the content of their work than by how they look doing it. (Double entendre? Meh, maybe.)

Lady Gaga & Alexander Skarsgård in Paparazzi.

Lady Gaga & Alexander Skarsgård in Paparazzi.

The video can currently be seen here: posted by Perez Hilton who apparently think it’s “epic” and mind blowing. *coughs* It’s Ok, and Alexander does good work as always, but it’s definitely not style changing like Subterranean Homesick Blues and Thriller

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Alexander was featured on the Swedish website  demostrating his supreme fighting skills on Anders Wedin aka MoneyBrother. This picture reminds me of those old staged american boxing pictures from the 1940’s & 50’s. (If you can ignore all the people in the back that is.)

Alexander Skarsgård and Anders Wedin at Sturecompagniet May, 2009

Alexander Skarsgård and Anders Wedin at Sturecompagniet, Stockholm, 2009

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